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Photo Tips

Whether you’re on vacation in an exotic location or just taking a stroll around the streets of your own neighborhood there are always things to take photos of.  More often than not I find that the most interesting things to take photos of are not things but rather people.  It’s in the taking photos of these people that we can get the most interesting and engaging photographs.  In these photographs that our viewers can see themselves, relate to the photo, and have an emotional experience.  The biggest problem is that usually we don’t know these people we see on the street and often it can be a little awkward to go up to a total stranger and ask them to take their photo.  And while I agree that its kind of weird, I’m also found that most people are completely fine with it and are actually stoked to get their photo taken.  Of course there will be people that aren’t ok with it, and they’ll let you know one way or another (usually they aren’t mean about it), but for every person that says no, I’ve found that 2 or 3 will say yes.

When it comes time to take the photo take a second (but not too long), compose your photograph, and get a great shot.  After you’ve taken it, show it to the person and get their approval of it, and if circumstances permit get their email so you can send them a copy of it.

Take the photo below as an example.  I was walking around an outside market area in my city and this super awesome guy was also there.  We made eye contact, he saw my camera, and I simply asked if I could take a photo of him.  3 seconds later I was on my way again with a great photo on my card and I had made his day by taking the shot.  So don’t be scared and get some fantastical photos!


Photography Tips

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