Get Answers

Have you ever tried to get an answer to your question online and no matter how many forums you read or tried to understand the manual, and what you really need is just to talk to someone for a few minutes and have them explain it?  The internet is extremely impersonal, but photography is about engaging so we have a plan.  Like we’ve said, we want you to understand photography, that is our top priority, and yes it would be nice if you liked our blog and took our classes but at the end of the day we just want to help you get better photos.  So if you’re like us and sometimes you just need a quick explanation from an actual person we want to help with that. So call us!

There’s a little trick, Tony lives in Belgium and travels a lot, so he doesn’t have a US phone number, but here’s how you can contact him:

Skype Name – ShotRockers

FaceTime – tony@shotrockers.com

Phone number – 32 475 81 00 95

Or we can call you.  Just send us an email to info@shotrockers.com and tell us you want a call and the time of day that would be convenient (along with your time zone please), and we will totally call you and talk you through whatever problem you have. Seriously.

In case you can’t tell, we are completely serious about this, just call us (or have us call you)!