Hey, I’m Tony, I created ShotRockers.com to share my love of photography with others.  I’ve been a professional photographer for a while now and when I was first starting out I had a hard time finding high quality tutorials that helped me to learn in a good structured manner.  I started teaching group classes and workshops and even still I hear from my students that they just can’t find quality online classes that are affordable.

Not to say that there isn’t tons of information out there but it was hard to find high quality and organized information, just that the high quality lessons available are typically overpriced and finding which ones are worth it can be a huge pain.

So when I wasn’t studying photography at school I was reading, practicing, and studying all the information I could afford, until I finally got sick of all the crap…and I decided to change it.

I got some friends together and decided to make ShotRockers.com, a site dedicated to making photography understandable, easy to learn, and above all else, something that was affordable for anyone who wanted to dedicate themselves to becoming a better photographer.  We’ve made our video tutorials that allow you to fit each of our 10-15 minute daily lessons into your busy schedule so that you don’t have to spend hours and hours that you don’t have, learning in front of your computer.  Our blog is frequently updated with information from industry leaders and is a quick and easy guide to all sorts of topics about photography and the photo industry.  So thanks for checking us out, we hope to see you around!

You can check out my work here